Code Blue

CODEBLUE EMS Products currently offers a high-quality, digitally-printed, durable option for EMS reference guides. Our Quick Reference Sheet (QRS) options include reference charts for pediatric medications, vital signs, trauma scores, triage methods, and fluid resuscitation. Each QRS is 8″x11″ and digitally printed on a plastic, waterproof card that can easily be stowed in your med bag or in the back of your ambulance. Current options are available forĀ Pediatric ALS, Pediatric Assessment, Triage, Trauma & Burns, and AEMT Medications.

Cost: $10/each

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Additional – customized – options are also available for fully-developed & designed reference guides. We’ll work with your EMS agency to incorporate your own protocols, medications, and reference tools into a manageable & reproducible reference guide. Please contact us for details.